Endorsements: People Who Support Our Vision

Mayor Sam Hindi


Richa is an outstanding member of our community. She has extensive corporate experience and been an active volunteer in serving our community. She is currently Chair, in our City's Innovation Technology Advisory Committee and has served as Chair, Site Council at Brewer Island Elementary School. She understands our families and the need to maintain our Quality of Life. Richa has prepared herself to be the Voice of all our residents.

Former Mayor and City Manager Rick Wykoff


Richa will be an excellent City Council member and serve our community well. Richa's professional experience and community service are key factors and I believe she has the ability and passion to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of Council Service.

Assemblymember Kevin Mullin


Richa is a vibrant and active member of her community. She has served her community and schools on their committees. Her strong corporate experience with leading Financial Services organizations will be an asset to the Council. Richa has the passion and energy to be a dynamic advocate for Foster City. 

Supervisor David Canepa


Richa has served her community, City, and school district. She has gained valuable experience as she chaired these volunteer Committees. Richa has built a strong and practical foundation to serve her community and be a Voice for the residents as a City Council-member.

Council Member Charlie Bronitsky


Richa has spent her life preparing for public service. She has the financial education and business experience to understand the budget and protect our reserves. She has served our community in our schools, and citizen committees. She will use her experience and listening skills to build consensus on the Council and with our residents. 

Council Member Herb Perez


Richa has the passion, empathy, education, and experience to represent our community as a City Council member. She listens with an open mind and build consensus in her professional and community service roles. She will be a unifying force on our Council and I look forward to working alongside her.

San Mateo Daily Journal


Awasthi is a gift to the city in that she is well-researched, even-keeled and dedicated to serving the community. Her background as a school volunteer combined with her corporate experience will only serve the community well.

Foster City Islander


Richa Awasthi has served as Chair of the City’s Information and Technology Committee and has professional experience integrating technology and financial services. These skills will help our City modernize its approach in governing and communicating with residents. Richa’s has almost two decades of experience in the financial sector, working for big corporations, such as Wells Fargo, Visa, Charles Schwab and Franklin Templeton Investments. With the construction of the levee, the $126 million plus price of repairing the wastewater treatment plant, the possible renovation of the City’s recreation center, and the predicted structural deficits that face the city, Awasthi’s superior grasp on the City’s budget and her financial experience will help us through these times. 







SMFC School Board Member Noelia Corzo


SMFC School Board Member Rebecca Hitchcock


Richa's experience in both the public and corporate sector, has helped her navigate issues through an open mind and solidify her commitment in serving the whole community through collaboration with local agencies, community members, and supporting our children, Measure V

Shiraz Zack


As a Foster City resident, working woman, and parent I appreciate Richa's experience,ability, and passion to serve the best interest of Foster City. I support and endorse her to represent OUR voice on the Council

Prasad Gundumogula, CEO Mondee Inc.


Foster City deserves a leader like Richa. As a business entrepreneur, I am impressed by Richa’s business acumen, intelligence and big picture view. Her financial services background and top notch analytical skills will be an asset for the Council to make sound budget decisions and tackle potential budget challenges. Her passion for education will surface some great creative ideas for our schools. Her drive to maintain and preserve our quality of life, parks, open spaces will guide all her decisions. Her interpersonal skills and compassion will allow her to listen to and care for all different views and perspectives.  

Charlie Tomberg, Chairperson Foster City Park and Rec Committee


Richa is a dedicated member of our community who wholeheartedly wants to serve Foster City. She is enthusiastic about preserving and expanding our excellent quality of life, and has the business knowledge, collaborative approach and listening skills to understand the details of the issues and to get things done.

Amit Saini, Co-Secretary Foster City Park and Rec Committee


Richa has all the right attributes to serve on council - patience, persistence and humility; combined with experience working in large and complex settings. I'm glad to see her commitment towards public service & am rooting for her to represent all residents of the lovely city we call home.

Alexis Lewis


As a long time Democrat and resident of San Mateo County it was obvious to me that Richa Awasthi will become one of our future dynamic Democratic leaders. Richa’s community organization leadership skills, her advocacy for quality public education and her financial career experience will help Foster City maintain its quality of life today and for our future. I support Richa's campaign for City Council and encourage all of you to vote for her on November 6th.

Srilekha Baliarsingh - Owner and instructor @ Pathways

I first met Richa when I joined the Brewer Island Site Council. As chairperson of the School Site Council, her dynamic and composed leadership qualities were on full display. In spite of her busy corporate schedule, she devoted ample time to lead the Yearbook committee as well! I’ve always found Richa to be a very dedicated and hard working person. She is approachable, friendly and personable. As a longtime resident of Foster City and a small business owner, I believe she will be an asset to the City Council and the Foster City community.

Tripthi Kamath (Director, Genentech) & Abhijit Shah (System Architect, Google)

As long time Foster City residents and working parents, we fully endorse and support Richa in this important undertaking. Our city needs smart, innovative, strategic and experienced leaders who can listen to the residents and represnet them in the City Council. We are confident that Richa will fit in the role very well. Richa has the right volunteer and corporate experience to evaluate the complex issues our city faces and has the empathy to listen to the residents of all age groups and demographics to come up with the best approach for our city today and in the future. Go Richa, we are all here to support you to be OUR VOICE!

Sanjay Paranjape - Principal Sales Engineer, Apttus

I have known Richa for several years. I had the pleasure of working with her at Brewer Island Elementary School where we collaborated on Yearbook creation. Her drive and passion for helping the school, the students and teachers was infectious. I fully support and endorse her for City Council. I am excited that she will bring fresh energy and perspective to the Council and am very confident that she will represent us very well. 

Kavita Dua (Software Engineer) & Ravi Dhingra (Senior IT Director)

We endorse Richa Awasthi for City Council. Richa is a dedicated and active member of our community and has the right skills to represent us in the council. She is a people person and a great problem solver who never gives up. We are extremely proud of her and support her in this endeavor. 

Anjali Tonne - Instructor, Xtrim Bollywood Foster City

I endorse Richa Awasthi for City Council and support her in this endeavor. I believe she has the skills, experience and drive for public service. Richa is a kind, motivated and energetic person who is driven to make a meaningful impact in the city. She will be a great voice for us all. 

Kavita Belagali, Engineer at Google

We endorse Richa Awasthi for City Council. We have known Richa for several years and impressed with her dedication and ability to always find time for public service despite her busy work and personal schedule. Richa is great with people and has the sensitivity to understand their situation and problems. She strives hard to find the best solution in any challenging situation. We are so proud of her in taking this step and feel that she would be perfect in the role and in being our voice.

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