Profile Summary

I have been a Foster City resident for over 15 years. My husband Amitabh and I have 11.5 years old twin children Anish & Shyla. I have served in numerous volunteer and leadership roles in our community.  I have an MBA and over 18 years of corporate experience in leading Financial Services companies in the Bay Area including Wells Fargo, Visa, Charles Schwab and Franklin Templeton Investments. This extensive experience & training has honed my skill set for the challenges of policy development and implementation.

Chair, Innovation Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), City of Foster City

Every future Council member needs to develop a keen sense of the issues that face our City. The City Council chose me to sit on a crucial committee to engage the public and develop the requisite knowledge base to serve our Community. 

I have been involved in consulting the City Council and City staff on emerging technology trends that have an impact on the needs of the community and can help make Foster City a modern, technologically advanced and sustainable community. I am serving as a forum for public input, engaging dialogue and facilitate communications among citizens, the council, city staff and technology service providers.

Chair, Site Council, Brewer Island Elementary School

As a parent and member of the school community, I was humbled to be elected to serve on the Brewer Island Site Council; which is a committee of parents and school staff who monitor school improvement through the instructional program. I was the Committee Chair for three consecutive years and led the following efforts.  As part of a Team comprised of the Principal,  teachers, union, school district and parents, we worked together to the establish a dedicated space for a computer lab in the school.

As part of the Site Council, I, along with other members were involved in the following efforts: 

1) Analyzing and evaluating the academic achievement of all students in the school
2) Obtaining recommendations from school site advisory, standing, and special committees regarding the focus of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement
3) Developing and approving the school plan and related proposed expenditures in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations
4) Recommending the school plan including related budget expenditures to the local governing board
5) Providing ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the plan and budgets/expenditures
6) Revising the school plan, including expenditures, timelines and evaluation criteria, as needed
7) Participating in all local, state, and federal reviews of the school’s program for compliance and quality
8) Annually evaluating the effectiveness of the school’s progress toward meeting school goals to raise student achievement for all students
9) Encouraging broad representation of parents, community members, teachers, including all socioeconomic, ethnic, and programmatic groups represented in the school in leadership roles and in activities of the school site council
10) Carrying out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state or federal law.

Chair, Yearbook Committee, Brewer Island Elementary School

I along with our amazing parents and staff, led end-to-end management and leadership of Yearbook publication three years in a row. We managed creative development, project management, resource (volunteer) management, training and development, parent and staff communication, sales and distribution.

Vice President, Financial Services

As a young professional, I made a decision to build a complete set of skills possible. I have had a progressive career in financial services industry for the past 18 years, involving development and management of several ground breaking products and initiatives. Currently, I am working as Vice President, Digital Platforms for Wells Fargo, where I am leading strategic initiatives to modernize Wells Fargo's digital platforms to keep up with evolving customer expectations for digital banking.

I have had the good fortune to serve and work with the top tier employers including Visa, Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab and Franklin Templeton Investments.