My Priorities

Our Quality of Life


I am a proud resident of Foster City and strongly believes in preserving the quality of life. I understand that it takes strategic and creative thinking, hard work and investment to maintain the infrastructure, fire, police, parks and open space that we have. I am committed to keeping Foster City beautiful, safe and welcoming for people of all ages and demographics. We have to preserve

  • Police and Fire 
  • City Services
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • New Retail and Dining Choices



Traffic is a nightmare for our residents and community. The solution is a regional approach. We must work with our surrounding communities and State and Federal officials to create a feasible Action Plan including:

  • Mass Transit for the East-West Corridor
  • HOV Lanes for the North-South Corridor
  • Transit Options for the last mile commute to Caltrain
  • Perform a comprehensive Citywide technical study of the roadway network to determine the capacity to support future need
  • Develop strategy to better address commuter congestion

Fiscal Responsibility


Foster City has a well-established history of prudent councils who have mandated healthy reserves and balanced budgets. Our City is in great shape. However, we are facing structural deficits in the outlying years of the 5 year projected budgets. My business background and the experience of managing budgets provides me the ability to understand complex budget issues and evaluate various options to make the right decision ensuring Foster City must remain financially solvent and sustainable over the coming decades.  



Foster City is approaching its 50th birthday. We have had the good fortune to have met the goals of 

T. Jack Foster. However, the physical infrastructure of our community is ageing and in need of maintenance and replacement. I have developed a basic action plan to ensure that we have both the finances and ability to continue to provide seamless services to our community. Currently we have two significant projects that will require my experience and financial skills -

-Levee Completion

-Waste Water Plant Completion

-Recreation Center Analysis

Smart Growth


Foster City has been one of the most responsible cities in the State of California. We have met and exceeded State's requirements as determined by RNHA. We have been proactive and have addressed the housing needs. At the same time, Foster City can not by itself solve regional housing crisis. We must use well established principles of Smart Growth and have the buy-in of our residents when considering next steps. Cities are organic and dynamic and require a balancing of all moving parts in order to continue to prosper and be sustainable.

Our Schools


I am passionate about education and am extremely driven to find creative ways to improve the quality of education. My experience working with parents and teachers, while serving at Brewer Island as Site Council Chair, will allow me to call upon my relationships and build stronger relationships with the school district. I believe that when it comes to the education of our children, we must do whatever it takes to ensure that we are imparting the best education possible to the next generation. Our priority lies in 

-Continuing the San Mateo-Foster City School District Board Subcommittee to discuss and monitor construction of the school at Charter Square 

-Supporting the San Mateo Union High School District’s After School Bus Program to help address student transportation issues.

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