Richa Answers Your Questions About Our City!

League of Women's Voters Forum

Frequently Asked Questions


Would you allow Edgewater Plaza to be re-developed? If so, what would you like to see there?

Edgewater Shopping Center is one of two Centers left in our community that provide our residents with waterfront dining, groceries, and many services that our community values and needs. It was part of the original General Development and the Original Planned Community and needs to remain a vital retail location for our families. We need to work with the Center's ownership to revitalize the deterioration that has occurred and bring new businesses that our residents want and need. We can do better!

What is your position on the Sares Regis project?


The City and residents were faced with a difficult choice and decision. The project had been approved 12 years prior as part of a multi-phased development. The last approved portion was a 10 story office building with 600 car garage that would generate over 3500 car trips per day. The City was able to mitigate that impact and reduced the car traffic to only 300 trips per day and provide affordable housing for first responders. I would have pushed the developer to add a daycare center to replace the loss of the Charter Square location. Additionally, I would have asked for more retail and services to address the need for critical retail massing for that location. 

What are your hopes for Council and Citizen Decorum?


I have always carried myself in a manner that is respectful and purposeful. As an elected official, I will always listen and treat my colleagues as I would expect to be treated: respectfully. I will not compromise my personal code of ethics to comment on the past or present but rather I choose to face forward to create a productive and positive environment for all.

How would you improve the Council and School Board relationship?


I have many preexisting relationships from my time as chair of Brewer Island Site Council. As a Team, we all worked together to address and solve issues. I have sought their advice and counsel on current challenges that face our community. I have also sat down with several newly elected board members to open a dialogue and build solutions that face forward rather than lament on our past failures. It is time to create a better partnership and explore new solutions to deal with overcrowding, under-funding , and a deterioration of Bowditch. Currently there are several programs that the city and school board cooperate on. We need to expand and grow these successes. Our children deserve our best efforts and that starts with cooperation. 

I have been knocking on doors and asking people to support Measure V. This is a crucial funding effort and I am proud to endorse it as part of my candidacy.

What are some of your proposed Traffic Solutions?

Traffic is a regional problem and the solution must be a cooperative multi-jurisdictional effort. We all recognize that greater access to mass transit across the East-West and North-South corridors would have the most impact. However, that is a long term solution. In an immediate sense, we must diminish the cut-through traffic created by commuters trying to use Foster City local streets to save time. I will be participating in the scheduled townhall and offer my thoughts on additional methods that could improve the proffered Council pilot program. In addition to no left turns, I believe we need to station additional police officers to allow residents only to make left turn into their residences off of Hillsdale Blvd. This would be an addition to the other solutions I offered in my platform and in public forums.