Why I Ran For City Council

I have been fortunate to have been part of our dynamic and nurturing community. My husband and I chose to live here and raise our two energetic and awesome twins. 

I like other mothers and families started to volunteer and find ways to help our community thrive. As I watched my children participate in sports and after school programs, I would sit and listen to our families' concerns and observations about our schools,  community, City, and quality of life. They raised great points both about the positive aspects as well as the challenges that face every community including our small slice of paradise. I realized even then that I wanted to be part of the solution and offered my help and support to my children's school and other activities. As time went on, my friends and fellow parents embraced my ideas and solutions.

I decided to serve on the Foster City Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee to leverage my corporate experience in benefitting the city. This was a great opportunity to delve into the working of our City and its budget. At that moment, I realized that if I wanted to bring about change, I needed to step up and accept the challenge of leadership. With several years of corporate and service experience and witnessing my abilities  to empathize and connect with people and being able to make a meaningful impact in the roles I held, I also felt responsible to take my contributions to the next level. 

After meeting with many of our community's leaders, parents, families, and city staff, I sat down with my family to discuss my desire to serve. I am proud to have the support of my community, past and present leaders, families, and my children. I look forward to serving our community and being your voice, with your support and your vote. 

I will be Our Voice Together.